Do you believe in signs? ‘Cause I do.

I asked for a sign months ago. I knew that time will come, that sign will happen. But I didn’t expect it to become too soon. I was honestly proud because knowing you, it was impossible to happen. But no. I was so wrong.

I asked for the sign. If you’ll change that anime that you like (that we both like), well it actually means that I shouldn’t stop. But hell no. I was so so wrong. You changed. Into something, I really don’t know.

What the fck. Did I ever say that I do believe in signs?

Cause if I really do, I dunno what I am doing right now. I asked for the sign. A sign that will tell me to stop this. But no. I can’t. Even tho I locked myself through that sign, I still can’t. I can’t let you go. I can’t let go of this feelings. I won’t make that stupid sign to stop me.

But on the other side, I have no news from you. The last time we talked was so months ago. And I dunno. Maybe, that sign was a yes?

Should I stop?

Should I believe at that sign?

Will I ever be your Kurisu again, Okabe?


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