I’ve read this blog post [http://www.candymag.com/candy-feels/from-our-readers-to-the-guy-who-came-back-src-ugc?utm_source=Facebook-Candy&utm_medium=Ownshare&utm_campaign=20170723-fbnp-feels-came-back-fbold] and realized that it was just like me, years ago. The moment he came back again. It was the same feeling I had, but in the end, I still chose him.



But now, it wasn’t the same. We still part in separate ways.


We’ve been acting like strangers again.


I, myself dunno how to approach him. But at the same time, he also didn’t. And those feelings were crushing me like there’s no tomorrow. I dunno what to feel anymore. I keep on comforting myself that I was the one who chose for us to be this way, that I shouldn’t be acting like this. That I should be okay.


But at the moments like this, when I keep on searching for a friend who understands and listen to all my rants, I knew I needed him. I knew he’ll do great. I knew I’ve missed him.



But it’s all goodbyes now. I keep on re-reading my past blogs about him and it hurts me more. On how the transition happened.


This blog post is a reminder to myself, that I shouldn’t be staying like this anymore. I should and would move forward. And to not wait.


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