I just joined a giveaway conducted by a friend of mine. (Rainne Villena) :)))))))

It was her first giveaway, TAKE NOTE, for her BIRTHDAY! :”> Instead of she should receive a gift, she will give different gifts! :””> What a generous heart. ❤ Chooos! =))))) Hindi. Sa totoo lang. Gusto ko lang suportahan siya sa give away niya. At gusto ko rin sumali sa mga ganto. Sakanya ako natutong sumali sa mga ganito. :”> 


Dear candy, ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :”> Kahit alam ko’ng masakit sa’akin ang date ng birthday mo, (alam mo naman siguro kung bakit diba?) eh masaya ako for yooou. Stay pretty and humble! :”> When will I see you again? :”> ❤ Love yooou candy! And to all the sponsors, THANK YOU! ^____^ (ang feeling ko XD) 


Besties-slash-sisters :”>



Wanna know what’s one of the greatest gift to me? :”>





Although I can say that I have many friends, THEY are one of the kind. They are not just my bestfriends, but more like SISTERS. ❤ Actually, hindi ko matandaan kung paano/kelan kami nagkakilala eh. basta I just found myself with them, being comfortable in whatever we do. EVEN CRAZY THINGS! :”> 


“Friends are the one who knows that you are crazy, but still loves you..” 


CRAZY was just a word. A word to describe the things we do, we say or even think. But then, being crazy was not a part of abnormality. It is just a word where I can describe me and my sisters that’s why were here. We are in the point of “AFRAID TO LOSE ONE ANOTHER” :)))))))



They are my sisters. Came from different world. But then, collided to make us one. 



i love them. I treasure our friendship, ALWAYS AND FOREVER. :”>