By: Nicole B. Amarante

As I take a look at the frame

Still, I just can’t hold this pain

Tears started to fall again

Together with the sound of the rain


I still remember those times

We didn’t matter if time flies

You hold my hand and smiles

By that, we are happy in our lives


I read your messages and letters

Just to make me feel better

But no, it made me feel bitter

‘cause we didn’t last together


I remember that memorable night

You offer your hand and smile so bright

Looks like we are in the spotlight

People gather around, but we don’t care, right?


I missed those moments with you

Your laugh and smile, so fine and true

Those words that I love to hear from you

I will say it again, I love you





You want him back. You missed him so much. But then, there’s no way that he’ll be back. He’s not into you anymore.. You will just end up with hurting and waiting for nothing. But you can’t just leave, you loved him and you love him still. You really can’t let go. You can’t move on.