T Square

I never thought that my day would be like this. Knowing that I’ll have a super busy schedule feels like hell.

Until you came….

You made a funny joke. You pointed me your TSQUARE saying that “Holdap to”. I am seriously nervous. The girl beside me looked. But when I looked at you, my heart didn’t stop beating. It’s you. Why? Destiny is really a great plot twister. We met in an unexpected time and place. I also didn’t know that it’ll ever happen.

I was hiding my smile all along. My heart didn’t stop beating fast and I still can’t believe it is happening. When the time came for me to go. I was praying that “Lord. Please let him go this way too. I wanted to talk to him”.

And yes, Lord. You are really good. We went the same way and we never let the chance go for us to talk. I am feeling a little bit awkward but I loved it when he tried to say different topics or questions for us to talk.

I am looking forward for another unexpected meeting. I knew time will come, our eyes will meet again. But one thing is for sure…

my heart won’t stop beating fast when I’ll see him again.

Hey there. I just wanted you to know that, I missed you so much. I hope to see you more often. And also….

…please don’t say “holdap to” again. ‘Cause you already have my heart. Isn’t that enough? 🙂


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