Last time, I saw a guy wearing green shirt. As I look at him, my heart beats faster than expected. I knew. I knew from the very first look, it was him.

I said to them, that even though you’ll be in front of me, I’ll prove to them that I moved on. But fck. The moment I saw your back, I forgot what I have said.

You’re still the same guy I knew. You still love wearing green tees and your black backpack. Your gestures were still the same. The way you walk. The way you smile. The way you stand. They were all still the same.

I’m just so proud of you. You were able to go out with classmates. Even though it was for school purposes, it was a progress in you.

We didn’t talk. We didn’t look at each other’s eyes. They said that you’re looking. But I can’t. So, I’m looking at you secretly. I really don’t know why. I wanted to talk to you. But, I still remember our last chat conversation. It didn’t end well. So I think that it was better not to talk to you that day.

But hey green guy, I missed you. A lot..


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