Live, Laugh, Love..

Ang ganda ng title ng blog ko. Pero yung mga pinagpo-post ko dito. Mukhang ewan lang. I should change the name ba? Kasi parang ang chaka e. Positive yung title pero yung mga post e negative. Hindi balance e. Nakakalungkot lang.


Live. It’s not a choice. We should live because God wants us to. Life may be unfair but then it’s just a part of it. Laugh. I guess, it’s our choice. If you want to laugh then go on. Kung ayun man ang makakapagpagaan ng loob mo. Kung ayun man yung way mo para makalimutan ang bigat na nararamdaman mo. Love. I agree na we cannot control our heart in choosing who to love. Love is everywhere. You suddenly fell in love with a puppy that’s why you bought it. Just like that I mean. But I do know that among all of the meaning of love, there is just one of it that I believe most. LOVE IS GOD. 


Live. Laugh. Love. 


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