Let it be….

People come and go. That’s what others say. But then, why did they come, if they were meant to go? I really dunno why but then stating the fact that “He left” He left me all alone really hurts. He left me hanging. He left me clueless about the reason why did he do this. 

I’m over thinking about THAT reason. And until now, I just can’t figure it out. Did I do something wrong? That made him pissed off and think that way? Why did he do that? After all that I’ve done to him? Am I the one who made the ‘relationship’ messed up? Is this my fault? Did I over reacted to ‘that’ issue? 

I really dunno why. I’m clueless here. He left me with no word. He left me without hearing him saying ‘goodbye’. He left me with no reason. It’s okay if he would just say that, “I’ll leave her because I want to. Because I don’t love her anymore.” That would be reasonable. but this? This kind of leaving me was killing me inside. It hurts me so bad. ;/ 😥

Whatever the reason may be, I wanted to know. I do wish that someday, when we’re both in good minds, we’re gonna talk about this. About our ruined relationship and how did it happen. Someday I do wish that we’re gonna talk as friends again. No strings attached. Just friends. But for now, I do hope that I can accept the fact that he left me after all those promises and everything I did to survive this relationship. I do hope that this pain will heal soon and I’ll be ready to open my heart for someone again. I do hope that I can keep him out of my mind. And I do hope that this ‘love’ I’m feeling until now for him, will gone…

Oh yes. I’m broken. But I’m willing to fix it all alone. I’m willing to fix it by asking a guidance from our Lord. He’s the one who will never leave. And my love for Him will never fade. ♥ That was eternal, the true meaning of forever was His love. 

So, I believe that someday. I will be writing here with fixed heart. Painless. HAPPY. MOVED ON. A NEW ME.

Though it hurts now, I know, and believe, that ‘time heals the pain’. 

I guess I will just, LET IT BE. 


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